Faculty/Staff Frequently Asked Questions

Who sits on the CARE Team?

The CARE Team is composed of diverse representatives from key student support offices across the University (ex. Tuttleman Counseling Services, Disability Resources and Services, TUPD, etc.). The members of the CARE Team meet weekly. The Case Management Staff, in the Dean of Students Office, coordinates referrals to the CARE Team.

What is the Case Management Staff role?

The Case Management Staff directly receives referrals pertaining to students of concern, collects additional information, and then identifies and enacts appropriate strategies for addressing the situation. These referrals are then brought to the weekly CARE Team meeting. The Case Management staff is comprised of the Senior Associate Dean of Students, the Associate Director, and the Case Manager.

Who can make a CARE referral?

Anyone who feels that a student is in need of help or assistance can make a referral to the CARE team. This includes, faculty, staff, family members, friends, etc.

How should I refer? When will I hear back?

The best way to refer is to use the online referral form here. There are three members of the Case Management Staff who can take a referral for the CARE Team. While we are happy to consult over the phone, the quickest and most efficient way to get a referral in is the online referral form. We monitor this daily and are able to access this in between meetings with students. 

The CARE Team meets weekly and referrers will typically hear back by the end of the week. We may contact you sooner if we need additional information. If you have updates on your referral, please let us know at careteam@temple.edu. Please know that while you may not hear back from the Case Management Staff immediately, we may still be in contact with the student to provide necessary support.

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency

The CARE Team is not for emergencies. If there is an immediate threat to a student (either through self-harm or interpersonal violence) or the community, please call the Temple University Police Department at (215) 204-1234. Please click here to read more about what constitutes an emergency vs. a non-emergency.

Can my referral be anonymous?

While we don’t automatically share referral source information, we can’t promise 100% anonymity. Through conversation with a student, often the source of the referral becomes apparent or may be questioned. If this is the case, the student will know the source of the referral. While this may be a concern, full disclosure aids in the health, safety, and transparency for the student involved. If you have additional concerns regarding confidentiality, please contact us.

Is the Case Management Staff available 24/7?


No. The Case Management Staff is available Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm. Outside of these hours, in the event of an emergency/urgent situation, please contact TUPD at 215-204-1234.

Will the Case Management staff do in person wellness checks?

No, the Case Management staff does not provide wellness checks. If you are concerned about a student’s safety and would like someone to perform a wellness check, please contact TUPD at 215-204-1234.

Do my colleagues need to make a new referral if we all have the same concerns?

No. If multiple colleagues have concerns about the same student, please know that only one referral is necessary to start the process. If your colleagues have additional information/interactions with the student and a referral has been submitted already, please have them email careteam@temple.edu and we will add these notes to the original referral in our database.

If I have an update about a student I have referred, do I need to make a new referral?

No. If you have an update about an existing referral or a question, please email careteam@temple.edu.

Can you support students who are not registered? (ex. Academic Dismissal or separated from the university, not registered etc.)

While we are unable to take referrals for and support students with on campus resources and support, in some cases we can provide a former student with a list of Philadelphia resources.

Can a referral to the CARE Team expedite services?

While the Case Management Staff will work with the student to ensure they are able to get connected to resources, we can’t expedite services/appointments with resources on campus. We also can’t make appointments for the student. However, we can certainly assist if the student is facing any barriers to connecting directly with support services.

Why did I get an email from the Case Management Staff about a student being absent?

When a student experiences a medical emergency or has experienced the loss of a loved one, the Case Management Staff may outreach and let faculty know. This email might include dates that the student will be away from class and will request flexibility on their behalf. This is only a request and it is up to each individual faculty member what they will allow. The student will be encouraged to connect directly with their faculty when they are able to coordinate making up work.

What do I need to know about FERPA?

Information on FERPA can be found here.  Generally, observable behaviors are not protected by FERPA, therefore your referral to the CARE team is the appropriate avenue to address your concern. 

What do I need to know about Title IX and how to report?

If you become aware of a Title IX issue, you must report it to the University’s Title IX Coordinator (Andrea Seiss). To learn more about Title IX, reporting, addressing sexual misconduct, etc. please see the link here.

What other resources can I consult?

For more information on resources around campus and supporting students, please see the Student Safety Nest or the Civility on Campus Guide.

Does the CARE Team do presentations?

Yes! If you would like the Case Management Staff to present to your group, please email us at careteam@temple.edu.