Food Resources

Please see the Emergency Aid Information tab on the right hand side.

Please click the below link to learn more about Temple University's new food pantry, The Cherry Pantry. You can read about donating food, hours of operation, and more!

Swipe Out Hunger Pilot Program at Temple University: Emergency Meal Swipes 

Information on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Food Stamps)

Pennsylvania DHS provides the following information on how to apply for SNAP

There are a couple of different ways to apply for SNAP, please choose the option that suits you. If you do not know if you are eligible, you may still apply.

You can apply for or renew your SNAP benefits online by using COMPASS. COMPASS is the name of the website where you can apply for the SNAP program and many other services that can help you make ends meet.

Or, you can file an application at your local county assistance office

  • Download an Application for SNAP benefits from the Web and return it to the above office

Application for cash assistance, SNAP and Medical Assistance Benefits (English version)

Solicitud para recibir beneficios(Solicitud para recibir beneficios)


For a full guideline on the process of signing up and obtaining SNAP please go to


Please right click the image below and open in a new tab for a list of available food resources within close proximity to Temple University.