What Happens Next

The student(s) involved are contacted by the CARE Team and could be advised to seek assistance from Tuttleman Counseling Services or other University and community resources.  The primary purpose of the team is to offer strategies for mitigating emergent or crisis situations involving students however, many student issues are resolved through an informal meeting with a member of the CARE Team. Depending on the actions of the student, a disciplinary referral may be an option.


Wellness Check

Occasionally a parent, friend, colleague, or instructor who is concerned about a student's well-being will ask the Dean of Students Office to look into the welfare of a Temple University student. If you have reason to be concerned about an emergency health or safety concern related to a student, please call TUPD (215) 204-1234.

The CARE Team can attempt to contact the a student of concern through their University email address, and/or contact the student by phone if the student has a number on file with the University. If you have questions, please contact us at (215) 204-7188 and we will determine the best course of action given the circumstances. The Dean of Students Office will use its discretion to determine appropriate outreach to the student.