Student Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Case Management Staff do to assist me?

The Case Management Staff in the Dean of Students Office can help connect you to resources around campus, navigate challenging situations, advocate for you during times of emergency to your faculty, and connect you with the Student Affairs Emergency Fund.

Can the Case Management Staff get me an appointment?

While the Case Management Staff can help identify resources around campus that might be helpful, we are unable to book appointments for you or get you in quicker at places like Tuttleman Counseling Services or Disability Resources and Services. However, if you are having challenges connecting with resources, the Case Management staff can help you with this.

What does a meeting with the Case Management Staff look like?

During your meeting with a Case Management Staff member, we will discuss your current concerns or a challenging situation you may be experiencing and provide you with support resources that are available on campus.  We are not a mental health provider, however we can connect you with Tuttleman Counseling Services.  You should think of this meeting as a starting point for connections with other resources on campus. 

Can I refer a friend?

Of course! If you are concerned about a friend, please refer them to us. Please note that we won’t be able to share specifics of our follow-up/intervention, but will confirm receipt of your referral.

Can I keep my referral anonymous?

While we don’t automatically share referral source information, we can’t promise 100% anonymity. Through conversation with a student, often the source of the referral becomes apparent or may be questioned. If this is the case, the student will know the source of the referral. While this may be a concern, full disclosure aids in the health, safety, and transparency for the student involved. If you have additional concerns regarding confidentiality, please contact us.

What else can the Case Management Staff do to assist me?

Absence Notification

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or have lost a loved one and need faculty notification regarding absences, we can assist. Please fill out the form here selecting Absence Notification. Once we collect this info, we will outreach to your faculty, ccing you on this and request flexibility on your behalf. Please note that this is just a notification and a request for flexibility, the decision is ultimately up to your faculty. When you are ready, you should connect directly back with faculty to discuss missed work. 

Student Affairs Emergency Fund

Please fill out the form here selecting Student Affairs Emergency Fund if you are in need of emergency funding. Some examples of what a student might apply for are; textbooks, medicine, a fire, unforeseen emergency, etc. Please note this fund can’t be used for tuition.

Should I speak with the Case Management Staff about my challenges with paying tuition?

No. Please contact Student Financial Services for questions regarding tuition and aid. Their contact information can be found here.

Should I speak with the Case Management Staff about registration issues, academic concerns related to my specific school/college?

No. Please connect directly with your academic advising unit and/or the Dean’s Office located within your school/college.  If you need assistance determining where your academic advising office is located or who your college dean is, please let us know. If you aren’t sure if your concern is considered “academic”, please let us know and we will help you navigate next steps!

What other resources can I use?

Please also note that we have a section in the TUMobile app called “Owls CARE” that you can visit to learn more about resources available to you..