COVID-19 & CARE Team

The CARE Team is committed to Temple University’s efforts to protect the health of students during the emergence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  As you may know, Temple transitioned to online and alternative forms of learning on Monday, March 16, and students who live in Temple housing are being asked to vacate by Saturday, March 21 at 5pm. 


The CARE Team will continue to take referrals (during business hours from Monday-Friday). Beginning on Tuesday, March 17th we will no longer host in-person appointments/take phone calls for referrals; this is for your safety and ours. We will take all referrals via our online referral form.  We will conduct all appointments via Zoom (video chat/call-in). You can schedule your appointment via email at

We recognize that the Coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing emotional, social, financial and public health impacts may be stressful and confusing.  In the midst of these rapidly evolving changes, we encourage you to utilize your social supports, engage your coping strategies and continue healthy and hygienic practices.

If you feel ill with a fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, please do not attend any in-person appointments and call your medical provider or Student Health Services for further guidance. 


Resources for Food

The Cherry Pantry will be relocating to TUPD’s Morgan Hall Substation located at 1601 Park Ave and handing out pre-packaged bags of non-perishable food items. The station is on the side of Morgan Hall South. Students are able to pick up a bag once a week during our open hours: Tuesdays 10am to 5pm and Fridays 

If you have any questions please email


If you need information on local food pantries, please see below.

Lutheran Settlement House (Food Pantry)

Location: 1340 Frankford Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: 215-426-8610

Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm

**To access pantry, go to settlement house, fill out a form with name and number of individuals in your household. Sign in at the front desk and BRING YOUR OWN BAG.

Website for more info:


St. Francis Inn (Hot Meals)

Location: 2441 Kensington Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Hours: Monday – Thursday 4:30pm-6pm Dinner

                Tuesday- Thursday 10am-11am Breakfast

                Friday 11:30am-1pm Lunch

**Takeout meals, anyone is welcome to come and get food.


Philadelphia Temple Corps Community Center (Emergency Food Pantry)

Location: 1340 Brown Street

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm

**Must bring Photo ID and proof of address (Address for on-campus or off-campus housing works fine)


St. Michaels Lutheran Church – Kensington (Food Pantry)

Location: 2139 E Cumberland St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Hours: Thursday 11-12

**Bring Temple Student ID and/or another form of Photo ID

Church of the Advocate (Meal)

Location: 1801 W Diamond St, Philadelphia, PA 19121

Hours: Monday – Friday 12pm-1pm Lunch

**No eligibility criteria